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Windows Backup Software

Today we are more dependent than ever on the secure storage and easy retreival of business files. If this information is not secure, our business is not secure.

Total or partial loss of business records can be a complete disaster. It takes very little effort to safeguard your: financial records, customer database, email contacts, contracts, business correspondence, tax records, etc.

The Windows Backup Software "7-Backup" guarantees that you never lose any of these files. We offer you a backup product with:

  • a simple and intuitive user interface
  • easy to use, yet sophisticated file backup functionality
  • feature rich data handling
  • reliable, fast and safe file backup
  • simple retrevial of archived data
  • backup verification
  • email, print or view on-screen backup reports


Safeguard your files today with:

7-Backup (File Backup) Home - USD 49.00
7-Backup (File Backup) Advanced - USD 89.00
7-Backup (File Backup) Small Business - USD 192.00

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